Friday, January 4, 2013

4 weeks

It is crazy to think this little dude is 4 weeks old already.  He is getting so much bigger.  We have put away all his newborn clothes and pulled out the 0-3 and 3-6 month clothes.  Today (Jan 2, 2013) was a special day for baby brother.  He had his circumcision.  Normally this would of happened in the hospital.  But on the day we were discharged the surgeon was super busy and they hadn't heard from him all day.  I was ready to go by noon, we were just waiting for his circumcision to be done.  Finally at 5 they gave us the option to keep waiting or go home and come back and get it done. 

We were ready to go home, D had a headache and I was just ready to be in my own bed, so we took off.  I tried to schedule his appt the next day, but they said he had to have his insurance number before coming in.  So we waited for that.  Then it was the week before Christmas and I didn't want him to have the surgery right before traveling 8 hours away so we scheduled it for the day after Christmas.  Of course we got back late because of the
snow and ice so I had to reschedule for today.

I was a little nervous.  But he did really good.  When they brought him back out to me, he wasn't even crying!  He was a little more irratable for a few days but overall he did really well.

He is fast asleep after eating and taking a little Ibuprofen

I will be sad when he outgrows this cute outfit.  I think it is my favorite.
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