Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet: Western Style

In our church, I am the Cub Committee Chair and D is the Cub master.  These are interesting callings because neither of us really know anything about scouts.  But we are learning and trying.  Just before little brother was born, we were informed that we were supposed to plan the blue and gold banquet for the January Pack meeting.  I was like "umm what?"  I was having a hard enough time trying to get normal pack meetings organized, plus trying to figure out how to recharter the pack and get ready for a new baby...but thanks to pintrest and really awesome den leaders and primary presidents we organized and put together an awesome blue and gold banquet.

We chose the "Wild West" theme for the banquet and really pulled most of ideas from here
D's parents brought a shirt, hat, chaps, and spurs for him to wear and sweet little E had a cute get up too. Although by the time I got around to taking pictures she messed up her hair and wouldn't put the hat on.

Each den put together a display and skit.  And each boy brought a cake for a contest.  Here were the cakes, they turned out amazing!

The decorations.  Thanks to our lovely primary presidents we had awesome decorations.  Each boy also made a wanted poster with a reward on it.  They turned out so cute.

For the food we had pulled pork sandwiches and chips with fruit and veggie trays.  It all turned out great and I am so grateful for the help I recieved in putting it together.  I am also grateful it is done :)
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