Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little Brother's Blessing

Little brother was blessed today.  It was a special day.  Grandma C showed up last night with his blessing outfit, blanket, and socks.  They were so cute.  I am so grateful for her helping us out with that.  That was her baby gift for E too.  My parents, and brothers J and N showed up this weekend along with D's parents and their dog Jerry. 
Dad was able to get a few shots in before church of his sweet little outfit.

Just after the blessing. (the outside pics of the family didn't turn out).  D gave his little boy a very good blessing and sweet little boy was very good during the blessing, he slept right through it. The men in the circle were D, his dad, my dad, and Bishop Windsor.  My brother J held the microphone.

E loves when Uncle J and N come to visit and they love playing with her

We took a group picture at home.  So grateful for everyone that could come!!

Pictures after church.  Love his little tummy showing :)

E had already gone to nursery when we took this picture.

Later that night Pa and D cuddling with two sweet kids

And Mom making me a coconut cream pie.  YUMMY!

Happy blessing day little brother!
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