Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Few people know this but my greatest fear is fire.

Once when I was a wee little girl...I read a goosebumps book about a girl who didn't know she had died in a fire.  She had started the fire on accident and then went to sleep.  She wandered around doing normal things for days not knowing she was dead.  Anyway I can't remember more than that but I do remember that it sparked a huge fear of fire in me.

Then when I was in high school,  I accidently set a lamp shade on fire in my room.  I put it out and and threw away the lamp.  It wasn't in flames, just burned a hole in the shade.  It was a long time until I bought another lamp...

Then last week fires were breaking out all over the place near Houston, in Magnolia and Waller Counties, about 30 minutes from where I work.  I heard on the radio that the Fire Dept was going around those areas and giving people 10 minutes to get their stuff and evacuate.  I had a dream Thursday morning, that the Fire Dept came to me at work and gave me 10 minutes to evacuate with all the kids.  My first thought was good think D has E this week so the kids actually all fit in my car.  My second thought was I can't do this. I am terrified of fire.

So I brought the kids to the park. Stupid thing really, there was quite a bit of smoke and haze.  Came home put N to bed.  I was getting ready for lesson time and I heard BANG BANG BANG....DING DONG DING DONG.  I thought "Good crap, what in the world???" I open the door and there is the Fire Chief in all his glory.

And I panicked. "We have to evacuate" Oh no...my dream is a reality.

Actually it was worse.

The fireman said, "We got a call that your fire alarm was going off and smoke coming out of your house?"

 I just stared at him.

"Your neighbor was walking by and noticed it."

Me: "We just got home and the alarm wasn't going off, I didn't smell or see anything, but I will do a walk through of the house.

Fireman: "Okay Ma'm we have gotten a few false calls today b/c the increase in smoke in the area."

Oh crap. Now I was worried.  I should of asked him to do the walk through, but he would of been loud and clunky.  And I had a baby sleeping.  So I nervously walked through the house.

It was all good. False alarm.

Thank goodness.

Then I saw this today: http://blog.chron.com/newswatch/2011/09/fire-breaks-out-near-george-bush-park/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

Memories not to be forgotten

So I don't have my camera with me most the time.  It is too much hassle to bring it back and forth between Houston and Beaumont.  But here a few moments I want to remember.  So use your imagination.

  • E screams if I carry her on the stairs.  She is a big girl and must go up and down all by herself.  I can't even hold her hand.
  • E can scoot herself forward and backward on a small tricycle or bike.  She has a little airplane that she rides a lot
  • Everyone is surprised when they see E going down the big slide at the park.  But she has been a pro at sliding for at least two months.  I don't even have to stand at the bottom of most slides now.
  • Some of her favorite words to say: Uh-oh, thank you, dog, momma, dadda, and she whispers "Whats that" "Who's that" when we hold her to a mirror and say it first
  • She refuses to keep her cup her high chair.  It must sit on the table, and when she wants it she will point at it.  When she is done, she will hand it back to you if you are near and say thank you, but if you are not near she will throw it. Stinker.
  • She is supposed to be sleeping right now...I hear her making cute noises :)
  • E pretends to soap herself in the bathtub.  She will put her hand next to her baby wash and then rub her tummy.  It is too cute
  • The other day, the Taylor Family was leaving to go out to Chick Fil A.  E saw them get their shoes on and started whining.  So I tried to put her in her high chair for her dinner.  She whined and kicked.  She wanted to go out with them.  I gave in.  I am a sucker for Chick Fil A.  The cow was there, E cried when it got close.  Poor baby.
  • E loves French Fries...probably her favorite food.  She also likes all fruits, especially strawberries.
  • E is a thief.  First a car. Now she mooches off of every other babies snacks at church. Probably because they have sugar snacks and I don't.
  • She has 12 teeth: 4 front, 4 bottom, 4 molars; currently her two top pointers are coming in too.  That is a mouthful of teeth.
  • She loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba at night before bed.  She also will watch: Baby Einstein, Wiggles, Backyardagins, and Wonder Pets.  (She watches less than an hour of TV a day)
  • E sleeps with a bunny and/or cheetah and she has her own pillow now.  I guess it won't be long until she goes to a toddler bed
  • Last night I gave E her bath right after dinner, instead of right before bed.  So I forgot to change her diaper right before bed.  Fortunately, I realized it 10 minutes after I put her to bed. So when I went to pick her up she was lying in the exact position I put her down in. and her eyes were wide open.  I changed her and put her back in bed without a complaint.  
  • I love my baby