Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wagon Rides

E is now 5 months old and her favorite thing to do is ride in the wagon. She looks so big sitting up in that seat by herself! It won't be long when she will sit all alone without additional support. I love that we live in Texas and can go outside at the end of November and not freeze!

I love how she just propped her little foot up there like it was a luxury ride!
Riding with her friend N.
Cuddling up with the blanket, still working on sitting up straight
oh I love her cute smile here!
And her smirk, how can you say no to that?
now for her serious look...

Tired of pictures ready to just let the tongue hang out

Sleepy time
she looks like she is asleep, but I think the sun was just in her eyes

Oh her first vehicle!
learning to drive

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tires R Us

So as you may of noticed my last blog was June 27. E was 1 week old at that point. I guess a baby takes up all your time and that is why she is now 5 months old and there have been no posts. That and I don't have internet at home. Oh well, maybe one day I will be as great at blogging as my sister and sister-in-law. (They are amazing by the way).

So today was a new adventure. I got my first flat tire. Yep that is right, a flat tire. So I discovered it around 3:30 as I was picking a child up off of the bus at work. ( I am a nanny for 4 children, one of which is in Kindergarten.) So naturally my first reaction is I don't know how to change a tire. One of those things I thought "Oh I will never have to deal with that, D will always be around, I won't bother learning...." Silly me, actually lets be honest, Stupid me.

Well, thankfully D was at home watching E. So I called him up and asked him to come down. And now he is at Tires R Us or something along those lines, getting a new tire. I am at work still.

Downside: I get off at 4:30, D said tire won't be done till 6
Upside: I get to blog useless stuff that no one will read while E cries on my lap