Thursday, November 18, 2010

Tires R Us

So as you may of noticed my last blog was June 27. E was 1 week old at that point. I guess a baby takes up all your time and that is why she is now 5 months old and there have been no posts. That and I don't have internet at home. Oh well, maybe one day I will be as great at blogging as my sister and sister-in-law. (They are amazing by the way).

So today was a new adventure. I got my first flat tire. Yep that is right, a flat tire. So I discovered it around 3:30 as I was picking a child up off of the bus at work. ( I am a nanny for 4 children, one of which is in Kindergarten.) So naturally my first reaction is I don't know how to change a tire. One of those things I thought "Oh I will never have to deal with that, D will always be around, I won't bother learning...." Silly me, actually lets be honest, Stupid me.

Well, thankfully D was at home watching E. So I called him up and asked him to come down. And now he is at Tires R Us or something along those lines, getting a new tire. I am at work still.

Downside: I get off at 4:30, D said tire won't be done till 6
Upside: I get to blog useless stuff that no one will read while E cries on my lap

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