Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A house full of sickies

We found out Monday Ethan has RSV. Awesome. Thankfully he didn't need to be hospitalized.  He was sent home with a Nebulizer and albuterol.  He has been getting his breathing treatment every four hours during the day.  He cried a lot the first time he got it, and then he has been better since.  It has only been a day, but I notice a HUGE difference in him.  He is still a little congested and coughy but the wheeziness is gone.

While we were at the doctor on Monday the nurse kept commenting on how social he was.  He does like the babble and it is so cute to listen to.  He has started smiling more often again, which gives me hope that he is almost better.  We go back for a check up in about an hour,  hopefully we are given the go ahead to go to Oregon this weekend to visit my grandparents, aunt, mom, and sister.

On the downside, E seems to of caught the bug as well.  She has been sneezing, runny nose, no energy, no appetite, etc since Sunday night.  Yesterday she spent the day on the couch watching TV.  Then she took a bath. Apparently that made her feel better a little.


After her bath I tried to feed her, but she still was refusing to eat.  So she laid down on the couch while I was changing Little brothers diaper and fell asleep there around noon. 

Little brother fell asleep right after that too.  It was a nice little break where I got caught up on laundry.

Then last night she was up a lot, not able to sleep well.  And had a fever this morning.  Just my luck to get one better and the other sick. Hopefully D doesn't catch it.  He is the only one not to have it yet.

And some lovely pics of my sickies.  Here's to another day spent in bed watching Disney movies :)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

E's cute interpretation of things

E came home from church (Little brother and I stayed home) and I asked her how was church, she said, "we had to sit quiet and listen to the guys and sing and pray."
Then she went into the living room and sang "I''m sitting in my church clothes and tights" :)

E never stops talking. Today's conversation before bed:
E: I want to take of my dress.  I want Minnie Mouse
Me: okay (so I take off dress put on mouse Pjs and start to remove tights)
E: no I sleep in my church tights.
E: I need to go poo poo on Elmo potty
Me: Okay go poo poo on Elmo potty
E: (as she sits on the potty) I need to go poo poo.  Then I get big candy.  I get orange candy. After nap. (put on repeat for the duration it takes her to take care of business with these random statements put in intermittently) I want moon song.  I need my gloves on.  I want black sheep.

2 months old and sick

So Ethan turned 2 months on February 5, 10 days ago, I was late in calling the doctor, so he didn't have his 2 month check up until last Wednesday the 13th. 
2 month stats:
Weight- 12 lbs 5 oz 53%
Height- 23.5 in 57%
Head circ- 39 cm 33%

What a day that was for him!  He got 4 shots in the leg and one oral injection.  He is behind one shot because they were out of stock.  He cried while getting the shots, but then I picked him up and cuddled him for a minute, put him in his car seat and he went to sleep before we reached the car.  He pretty much slept the rest of the day, and didn't want to eat a whole lot.  We also had pictures taken that afternoon for Valentines day, and he wasn't upset but wouldn't smile either. 
We put him to bed like normal around 8 pm.  When he woke up around 3 am, he was boiling hot. I gave him some ibuprofen, fed him, and put him back to sleep. He woke up a few hours later and wasn't quite as hot, he didn't get another fever, but was very cranky all day.

It didn't help that he had also picked up a bad cough and congestion from me.  So Thursday, Friday, Saturday and today have been a lot of fun with him either sleeping or screaming.  It isn't like him and makes me very sad.

We are flying to OR on Thursday, I hope we are both feeling better.

Here is my little sickie, but he still looks cute!

Snuggling with Daddy is his favorite way to sleep.  He is a BIG cuddly baby and Daddy has the magic touch to put him to sleep. He also falls asleep a lot on his floor mat, bouncer, and swing.  Although his swing and Daddy are his favorite ways to fall asleep.
 He only wakes up about twice a night now to eat, unless he is sick of course and then he wakes up every 30 minutes.  We love our little boy and the joy he has added to our little family!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

This year we didn't do much to celebrate Valentines Day...Little brother and I were both sick.  Thankfully, D had already planned to make dinner for us, and I didn't have to do anything.  It was a lovely dinner with steak and potatoes and mac and cheese for our little princess :).  We also had sparkling lemonade ice cream floats.  It was perfect!

Oh and for your pleasure, here are my beautiful children!
Hope you had an awesome Valentines day too!

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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Throw up

My fabulous sister in law gave me a book recently, Healthy sleep habits, happy child by: Marc Weissbluth 

I have been reading from it, most of which we were already doing.  But then this morning I read something new.  In addition to the bedtime rules with attached rewards, when she gets out of bed walk her back to bed without talking to her or looking at her face.  It also said we should keep a log of how many times she gets out of bed.  The example said this ladies daughter got out of bed 120 times between 8 and 10:30....oh jeez. I thought this would be a long night.  

So at 6:30 I started getting E ready for bed with her bath, books, milk, and brushing teeth.  Then I made sure she didn't need to go potty. (thats her latest excuse for getting out of bed "I need to go potty; yet she never says that during the day)  We remind her of her sleep rules and rewards and then say prayers and tuck her in.  (Wow that is a long bedtime routine.)

She got up about 10 minutes after putting her down, I walked her back to her room and put her down again without saying a word. She started howling at that point and I walked out.  10 minutes later she comes out again this time saying "I spit up mom"  and she sure did.  She was covered head to toe in throw up.  Yeah thats right she cried so much she threw up. Can you believe that.  

So I cleaned her up and D cleaned her bed up and we put her down again.  As I was walking out, she says "I need to go potty" Really kid, REALLY???

So very frustrated.  I tell her go quick. She goes and gets back in bed.  5 minutes later she is up again.  "I need help with my blanket."  

At this point I am so frustrated.  I put her back in bed and tucked her ONE LAST TIME.

Literally.  She did go to sleep after that.  

And that my friends is the best she went to bed in the past 2 weeks. And she was asleep before 9.  Even better.

Sweet dreams!


E likes to whisper secrets in our ear. 
E: "Momma I want to whisper a secret in you ear"
me: Okay
E: "I love you"
Me: (whispering back) "I love you too"

love her!

Rocking the smile

Little brother is 8 1/2 weeks old and just giving out lots of smiles. I notice them a lot when I am changing his diaper and singing to him.  I love his cute little toothless grin at me.  It just makes my day.
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Sleeping rewards: Making cookies

As I have mentioned countless times E is having major sleep issues. Anyway as part of our work on getting her to sleep we tried Negative Reinforcement first.  Took away her Ipod and Kindle privileges.  That wasn't working so we tried Positive Reinforcement with giving her 3 options of rewards if she
1. stayed in bed
2. closed her eyes
3. stayed quiet
4. went to sleep
Last night, her reward options were
a. chuck e cheese
b. ice cream
c. new toy (from dollar store)
after much silent debate she said she wanted pink ice cream.  I said okay stay in your bed and tomorrow we will go get some pink ice cream with daddy.  And she did.  It was amazing.  So today for nap, I gave her two smaller options
a. make cookies
b. eat a piece of candy
She said she wanted to make cookies.  And I had to keep going back to look in on her, but after about 20 minutes she fell asleep in bed.  YEAH!!!
So when she woke up we got started on those cookies.  I was feeling lazy so we just made no bake cookies, but she loved it!

Her favorite part was stirring in the pot and getting to drink her milk.

It was so much fun.  I hope we can have many more days of good naps and cookie making!