Friday, February 1, 2013

Sleeping rewards: Making cookies

As I have mentioned countless times E is having major sleep issues. Anyway as part of our work on getting her to sleep we tried Negative Reinforcement first.  Took away her Ipod and Kindle privileges.  That wasn't working so we tried Positive Reinforcement with giving her 3 options of rewards if she
1. stayed in bed
2. closed her eyes
3. stayed quiet
4. went to sleep
Last night, her reward options were
a. chuck e cheese
b. ice cream
c. new toy (from dollar store)
after much silent debate she said she wanted pink ice cream.  I said okay stay in your bed and tomorrow we will go get some pink ice cream with daddy.  And she did.  It was amazing.  So today for nap, I gave her two smaller options
a. make cookies
b. eat a piece of candy
She said she wanted to make cookies.  And I had to keep going back to look in on her, but after about 20 minutes she fell asleep in bed.  YEAH!!!
So when she woke up we got started on those cookies.  I was feeling lazy so we just made no bake cookies, but she loved it!

Her favorite part was stirring in the pot and getting to drink her milk.

It was so much fun.  I hope we can have many more days of good naps and cookie making!

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