Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A house full of sickies

We found out Monday Ethan has RSV. Awesome. Thankfully he didn't need to be hospitalized.  He was sent home with a Nebulizer and albuterol.  He has been getting his breathing treatment every four hours during the day.  He cried a lot the first time he got it, and then he has been better since.  It has only been a day, but I notice a HUGE difference in him.  He is still a little congested and coughy but the wheeziness is gone.

While we were at the doctor on Monday the nurse kept commenting on how social he was.  He does like the babble and it is so cute to listen to.  He has started smiling more often again, which gives me hope that he is almost better.  We go back for a check up in about an hour,  hopefully we are given the go ahead to go to Oregon this weekend to visit my grandparents, aunt, mom, and sister.

On the downside, E seems to of caught the bug as well.  She has been sneezing, runny nose, no energy, no appetite, etc since Sunday night.  Yesterday she spent the day on the couch watching TV.  Then she took a bath. Apparently that made her feel better a little.


After her bath I tried to feed her, but she still was refusing to eat.  So she laid down on the couch while I was changing Little brothers diaper and fell asleep there around noon. 

Little brother fell asleep right after that too.  It was a nice little break where I got caught up on laundry.

Then last night she was up a lot, not able to sleep well.  And had a fever this morning.  Just my luck to get one better and the other sick. Hopefully D doesn't catch it.  He is the only one not to have it yet.

And some lovely pics of my sickies.  Here's to another day spent in bed watching Disney movies :)

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