Monday, June 17, 2013

E's 3rd Birthday Party

Well my sweet little girl has turned 3!  I am not sure how she got so big, but we had a fun time planning this party.  She pretty much just loves every princess.  She will go through a phase where she will only watch Little Mermaid one week and Aladdin the next, and Pochantas the next, etc.
So instead of throwing a Cinderella or Ariel Party we just did a Princess Party at the Splash Pad. 

I invited a lot of friends, so I made a castle cake, ignore my ugly pan...
and later you will see the cookie cake, yum!

Ethan enjoyed playing with her balloons too!

Getting the party set up

The guests and food

Ethan just chilling...

This cookie cake was the best decision of the whole party!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl, she got shy and hid under the table

Enjoying her cake

a little too much :)

It was a little chilly when they got wet, with all our lovely Amarillo wind.
Our dear friend G. R. loves snuggling with our little man.

Presents time! She got lots of awesome Princessy and bubbly gifts!

Showing off her loot

Modeling her Rapunzel dress I made
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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6 months

Little brother is 6 months old.  And as handsome as ever.  His Dr appt isnt for another two weeks, but here are some of his amazing pictures :)

He loves playing with toys

And rolling onto his tummy the minute you set him on the floor

And even though I can't center a camera on the best picture I took of him today, he has the cutest smile

He is my little boy, and I love him

He is still a very happy boy, unless he is tired or hungry of course

He had a hard time taking pictures and not getting to play with the blocks :( poor thing

I seriously can not believe that it has been 6 months with this little dude.  But it has been an amazing 6 months.  He is a light in our home.  Big sis loves him as much as we do. Its crazy that just last year I was barely 3 months pregnant with him and now he is half a year old. 
I feel so blessed with my two wonderful children.  They are so little but have taught me so many things already.
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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Random Events of today

Not sure what it is, but E1 has had a lot of gas as of late.  Today, she let a big one rip in the tub and then laughed at the bubbles it created.

E1 is better at potty training.  She stayed dry all day in her underwear, even at church.  So we made cookies tonight to celebrate. 2 more days of dryness and she gets a new Ariel barbie doll.

E2 is waking up too many times in the night.  That makes one tired momma... :(

E1 loves her brother.  She loves to hold and kiss him.  She loves to play with him.  She loves to steal his toys... and she loves to say "Give him to her dadda.  I want to carry you" Meaning give baby brother to mama, so you can carry me...

I heard this quote in RS today from the Lorenzo Snow manual.  I loved it!

"But we have come along through these sacrifices, and as a people there has been no failure. Why has there been no failure? Because the people, as a whole, have had their minds fixed upon the true principles of life, and they have conformed to their duty. … The people generally have had the Spirit of the Lord, and have followed it. Hence there has been no failure. So it may be with individuals. There is a course for every person to pursue in which there will be no failure. It will apply to temporal as well as spiritual matters"--President Lorenzo Snow

That means that I have not failed as long as I keep trying.  I needed that maybe not exactly today, but in the near future I am sure it will pull me through "one of those days"

Two weeks ago I took Sweets to "Cheer Texas" a gymnastics gym that has open jump days on Fridays.  She had so much fun that every prayer she has said which is at least 3 times a day has included, "Thank you for going to Cheer Texas"  Also today as we were leaving church she asked, "Where are we going Mama?"  I said, "I don't know, where do you want to go?"  "CHEER TEXAS!!"  Guess we will be going to Cheer Texas again on Friday ;)