Monday, June 17, 2013

E's 3rd Birthday Party

Well my sweet little girl has turned 3!  I am not sure how she got so big, but we had a fun time planning this party.  She pretty much just loves every princess.  She will go through a phase where she will only watch Little Mermaid one week and Aladdin the next, and Pochantas the next, etc.
So instead of throwing a Cinderella or Ariel Party we just did a Princess Party at the Splash Pad. 

I invited a lot of friends, so I made a castle cake, ignore my ugly pan...
and later you will see the cookie cake, yum!

Ethan enjoyed playing with her balloons too!

Getting the party set up

The guests and food

Ethan just chilling...

This cookie cake was the best decision of the whole party!

Singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Girl, she got shy and hid under the table

Enjoying her cake

a little too much :)

It was a little chilly when they got wet, with all our lovely Amarillo wind.
Our dear friend G. R. loves snuggling with our little man.

Presents time! She got lots of awesome Princessy and bubbly gifts!

Showing off her loot

Modeling her Rapunzel dress I made
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