Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well Elizabeth had so many cute pictures here are a few of my favorite from June.

Well after a long 39 1/2 weeks of pregnancy we have a beautiful little girl to welcome into this world. E. Cahill was born June 17th at 1:43 pm.

I went into the hospital at 6:30 that morning to be induced. The doctor came in and induced me around 7:30 and broke my water at 8:30. Around 10:30 I was feeling pretty painful contractions and the nurse told me I was finally dilated to 4 so I could have an epidural at that point. The anesthesiologist showed up about what felt like an eternity later but was probably around 11:15 and poked my poor back painfully; but that pain was only temporary until my whole body was numb. However, what I wasn't expecting was the painful itching across my body, mostly on my face. The nurse came back around 1 pm and realized that I was dilated to a 9 so she called Dr. V. and told him to rush over for the delivery. D got to see her head crowning before the doctor came in the room. He got there just in time to deliver her and then let David cut the cord.
The nurses then took my baby to clean her up and take all her measurements. D went to stand by her while I was cleaned up as well. She was 7 lbs 2 ozs and 20 1/4 inches long.

While in the hospital we had many visitors. D's mom showed up about an hour after E was born. She loved holding her new granddaughter.

Then later that night D's brother, his wife, and their kids visited for about an hour.

Shortly after they left, D's other brother from Houston came to admire and hold the new baby.

On Friday June 18th, we had a few friends come over. Around 10 am Erin M. came to see our little girl. She brought us some blankets and other baby items. We were grateful for her coming and for her gift.

Unfortunately we didn't get a picture of all of our vistor's, but we are grateful for everyone who came to celebrate our special one.

On Saturday June 19th, we were discharged from the hospital and got to take our beautiful baby home. Here she is in her carseat for the very first time.

We walked outside and were met with a very muggy hot summer day. D drove the car up to the door and we took one more picture before going home.

When we got home we were met by Grandpa Cahill and he held E as much as he could over the next two days.

We just love our baby girl and can't get enough of her. She is a true blessing. We couldn't of asked for a better baby, she is very calm tempered and just a joy to be around. We are grateful for every moment we are with her and look forward to the days ahead.