Wednesday, July 27, 2011

toy box anyone?

Remind me again why I spent so much money on toys when I get the diaper boxes for free....

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E 1st Birthday Fun part 2

Elizabeth's belated birthday pictures....She had a great 1st birthday!

Her first present was from Daddy. He got her his favorite book, "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb" She loves that book and carries it around everywhere. In fact, she has only had it a month and it has gotten so worn out that we have been contemplating buying a new one She is always holding a book and begging for Mommy or Daddy to read to her. I love my little bookworm!

I bought some new decorating tools to make her birthday cupcakes. E wanted to help decorate too!

Here is a sample dog I made, it was supposed to look like Tobyssss

Mommy and Daddy also bought her Elmo's Airplane. She loves driving and pushing it around. The best is when the blades are rotating and she puts her fingers in the way so it buzzes annoyingly at you. :)

Her debut in her birthday tutu and onsie. Aunt A helped Mommy with the headband and onsie, we were very grateful

Grandma and Grandpa C bought her a rocking horse. It is probably her favorite

Since E can't talk, we took her out to Mommy's favorite restaunant, Texas Roadhouse

Then we went to Lions Park in Waco. It was a very hot day

Dressing her up in tutu again. We had to make an emergency purchase of a new birthday shirt. She decided to eat dog food and got the first one dirty. But it only cost 3 dollars, so we didn't mind too much.

E loved riding the train around the park with Daddy. Except when we went in the tunnel. She cried. Everyone else screamed with delight.

She loved riding the merry go round and a few other basic carni rides

My cupcakes didn't turn ouot as pretty as I hoped. And Daddy snuck a few before I could take pictures. But they sure did taste delicious!

Excited to see the cupcake

But not sure what to do with it...

Maybe I will dump it out off the plate

Mommy showed me how to shove it in my face

But I thought the plate tasted better :)

Notice the cake is untouched....silly baby. Maybe next year you will enjoy birthday cake. We love you!
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