Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at the Cahills

E still doesn't know what to think of Uncle J sometimes, but she doesn't burst into tears at the sight of him anymore. (He used to scare her)
Cousins K and K got new guns on Christmas Eve, they were pretty dang excited
E loved these snuggie blakets so much, Aunt C made them for her kids and E was always crawling up in one. By the end of the break we made her one to take home
Waiting to play Grandma's Christmas Eve game...E was tired
Christmas morning E was all ready to open presents, in her stocking she had a book, a lion that roars and toddler snacks
Cousin T had a HUGE stack of presents, she was pretty pleased with her loot
E has a nickname "shoe shoe" because she walks around all day asking for her shoe shoes. It is adorable
Shoe shoe got new pajamas
Grandma and Grampa got her a fisher price barn. She loved it so much. In fact, when it was time for church, she cried b/c she had to leave the barn behind. That was her all time favorite present. I guess Grandma knows her best.
Pa sleeping with baby K. It was an early morning
D grew out his facial hair over the break....I was not impressed
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas

I got a lot of time off of work for Christmas this year, so we decided to spend a few days up in Groesbeck with the Cahills and then go straight down to Lafayette to spend New Years with the Dentons. We were supposed to bring my brother and his wife from Vidor to Lafayette, so space was really tight in the car. We decided to let E open up some of her presents from us up early, to conserve space.

Her favorite gift was this cool car!

She loved it so much. Now she uses it more than the stroller.

After seeing the car, she was ready for more.

Anticipating how to open the gift.

Hmm...what will it be?

Oh a baby doll! E loves to walk around saying baby all the time.

She couldn't wait to get it out of the package.

She walked around the rest of the day cuddling her baby. It was so cute!

She also got a Leapfrog laptop. Her favorite is pushing the donkey button over and over, "Hee Haw" "Hee Haw"

Baby has been big into reading, and animals, so she got an animal book that makes sounds. It comes with us every car trip

Finally she got a color wonder marker set. But looks like I bought this one too soon...she didn't seem very interested in it.

Overall it was a great Christmas and we loved watching her enjoyment over her new toys and books. E is truely a blessing in our home and we look forward to many more Christmas's

Sunday, December 18, 2011


I am so proud of my baby for getting some hair finally. Surprisingly it is growing in evenly. But on the flip side E refuses all headbands, bows, and ponytails. Occasionally I can put in a single ponytail on top or pigtails. But she pulls them out the minute I put them in

In fact, all I have to say is "hair" and she immediately touches her hair to make sure I didn't sneak something in.
Occasionally, I can get her to wear a bow for a quick picture, but I better have my camara ready or else it will be gone before you know it.

Some other accomplishments of baby:
  • increasing ability to express herself (words, pointing)
  • follow simple directions
  • getting her own things when mom and dad are busy
  • watching Elmo
  • wanting feeding herself
  • bike riding with dad

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wearing the big socks

E has started finding socks and shoes and putting them on. She doesn't care if they are hers, mom's, or dad's. In fact, the bigger the better. (easier to put on)

She even doesn't care if they are in the laundry basket and she has to dive for them :(

She has also found my craft drawers and think that the contents need to be on the floor.

Daddy's shoes are her favorite
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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Houston Zoo 18 months

We took E back to the zoo this week. She has gained a big interest in animals lately. When she sees a monkey she will say "Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh" and she can roar like a lion too. So because of this and our nice Houston Weather we decided to let her see the real thing.

It never fails; she will always fall asleep on the way to the zoo

Look at those cute pursed lips; so good for kissing

Our first stop the sea lions

The morning was a little chiller and winder than expected, but we were prepared

Next were the Elephants, she was mesmorized!

We couldn't even get her to look our way for a picture

Okay so here are her favorite! LIONS! She loved it. I think there were 3 that day and the two females were fighting over the male. We even heard some Roaring, which was surprising for a zoo

Trying to get a closer look

On to her next favorites..."oohh, ohh, ahh, ahh" or as E says "ahh ahh, ahh ahh"

This cool mama monkey was carrying her baby and still swinging from limb to limb. How cool!