Friday, December 23, 2011

Early Christmas

I got a lot of time off of work for Christmas this year, so we decided to spend a few days up in Groesbeck with the Cahills and then go straight down to Lafayette to spend New Years with the Dentons. We were supposed to bring my brother and his wife from Vidor to Lafayette, so space was really tight in the car. We decided to let E open up some of her presents from us up early, to conserve space.

Her favorite gift was this cool car!

She loved it so much. Now she uses it more than the stroller.

After seeing the car, she was ready for more.

Anticipating how to open the gift.

Hmm...what will it be?

Oh a baby doll! E loves to walk around saying baby all the time.

She couldn't wait to get it out of the package.

She walked around the rest of the day cuddling her baby. It was so cute!

She also got a Leapfrog laptop. Her favorite is pushing the donkey button over and over, "Hee Haw" "Hee Haw"

Baby has been big into reading, and animals, so she got an animal book that makes sounds. It comes with us every car trip

Finally she got a color wonder marker set. But looks like I bought this one too soon...she didn't seem very interested in it.

Overall it was a great Christmas and we loved watching her enjoyment over her new toys and books. E is truely a blessing in our home and we look forward to many more Christmas's

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