Saturday, December 10, 2011

Houston Zoo 18 months

We took E back to the zoo this week. She has gained a big interest in animals lately. When she sees a monkey she will say "Ahh Ahh Ahh Ahh" and she can roar like a lion too. So because of this and our nice Houston Weather we decided to let her see the real thing.

It never fails; she will always fall asleep on the way to the zoo

Look at those cute pursed lips; so good for kissing

Our first stop the sea lions

The morning was a little chiller and winder than expected, but we were prepared

Next were the Elephants, she was mesmorized!

We couldn't even get her to look our way for a picture

Okay so here are her favorite! LIONS! She loved it. I think there were 3 that day and the two females were fighting over the male. We even heard some Roaring, which was surprising for a zoo

Trying to get a closer look

On to her next favorites..."oohh, ohh, ahh, ahh" or as E says "ahh ahh, ahh ahh"

This cool mama monkey was carrying her baby and still swinging from limb to limb. How cool!

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