Thursday, December 1, 2011

New reading chair

After 9 months of living in two cities, we finally got an apartment in Houston! Our house got a contract on it the beginning of October and we had a close date for November 21. Then because of all the lovely paperwork and multiple hands it has to go through it was pushed back to November 23, the day before Thanksgiving. So we get the house all ready and move our stuff out on the 19th, only to find out that the date has been pushed November 30. Yeah that didn't go through either. He backed out day of closing. D and I are getting antsy and frustrated mainly because if the house doesn't sell soon we have a mortgage and a apartment to pay for every month. The guy who was buying the house has a girlfriend. Who is pregnant. And crazy. He took her off the listing of the house, so now she is talking him out of buying it. I mean, I guess I don't blame her. In her mind, the father of her unborn child is having commitment issues if he won't buy a house with her right? And if her name isn't on the title then his can't be either right? Don't worry about the poor family who currently holds the title and has done every crazy thing you asked them too only to convince slacker boyfriend/baby daddy on the very last moment to not show up to the closing. Or answer your phone. Or your texts. Or your emails.

Thats right we were screwed. On the day of closing. But we got $1000 earnest money. For one month rent...whoo hoo. And the house is back on the market.

Plus side to all this mess: we are living together again, we don't have long commutes to work, baby got a new reading chair (completely unrelated, but who cares?)

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