Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas at the Cahills

E still doesn't know what to think of Uncle J sometimes, but she doesn't burst into tears at the sight of him anymore. (He used to scare her)
Cousins K and K got new guns on Christmas Eve, they were pretty dang excited
E loved these snuggie blakets so much, Aunt C made them for her kids and E was always crawling up in one. By the end of the break we made her one to take home
Waiting to play Grandma's Christmas Eve game...E was tired
Christmas morning E was all ready to open presents, in her stocking she had a book, a lion that roars and toddler snacks
Cousin T had a HUGE stack of presents, she was pretty pleased with her loot
E has a nickname "shoe shoe" because she walks around all day asking for her shoe shoes. It is adorable
Shoe shoe got new pajamas
Grandma and Grampa got her a fisher price barn. She loved it so much. In fact, when it was time for church, she cried b/c she had to leave the barn behind. That was her all time favorite present. I guess Grandma knows her best.
Pa sleeping with baby K. It was an early morning
D grew out his facial hair over the break....I was not impressed
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