Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Present from G. Cahill

E actually got this on her birthday, but I forgot to take pictures...

Grandma and Grandpa Cahill gave her a Sesame Street movie.

She loves it a lot

I love her cheesy grin :)

I think she enjoys sitting in her new baby stroller the long till it breaks?

More belated birthday

E got some late birthday money today from Grandma and Papa Denton.

So we headed out to Toys R Us and Target

And found her some good loot

She loves pushing a stroller, playing with a ball, and is always stealing cars from boys. However, a few minutes ago D took the car out of packing and showed her how to push it so it ran by itself....and she freaked out.  It should of been caught on video. Maybe next time.

Random picture of her playing on laptop while I am blogging. 
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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Baking Cookies

Daddy wanted sugar cookies this week.

And E was all too eager to help

Isn't she cute cutting out the dough with cookie cutters!

I showed her how to do one, and she just took off.

She didn't even try to taste the dough

But she did keep complaining of "dirty hands"

I think she enjoyed making them more than eating them :)

She knew just where to put them when she cut it out too

We had so much fun, I think we will make lots more in the future, look out friends in Amarillo, be prepared to be overloaded with cookies

Monday, June 25, 2012

Potty Training...

I thought E was ready to potty train.

I set her all up in the living room.  She was going around naked all day and I would put her on the potty when I saw her going or every 10 minutes.

When she was on the potty, she either was watching TV or playing with toys.  She did really good for the first day...

But the second day she had a lot of accidents and kept asking for her diaper.  I wasn't feeling good so I gave in.  We will try again soon.  Probably after our UT trip in early August.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Quiet time?

Okay so this post has two points.  Even though these pictures were all taken tonight, it could of encompassed pictures from both thoughts.

E was watching TV and snuggling with us on our bed tonight.  Around 7:30 we noticed that she wasn't in bed with us anymore and the apt was quiet.
We got up during the commercial break to find her....she was in her bed, only her diaper on, with her blanket pulled up around her.

I guess she was so tired she wanted to put herself to bed.  So we brushed her teeth, put on her pjs, and said prayers.  Then she promptly fell asleep.  Poor baby. 

Lately, when E is throwing a fit or refuses to do something, I give her the option to go to time out in her bed or do what I ask.  

She always goes to her room, shuts the door, and gets in bed.  When she is calm she comes out and hugs me and does what I ask her to.

Occasionally, when throwing a fit, before I say anything she will go straight to her room to cool down too.
I've got to say its a pretty good discipline system.  Hopefully it continues to get rid of the tantrums.

Birthday Cards

Its been 5 days since E turned two and she is still excited about her birthday cards.  She often picks them up and pretends to read them.  When she is finished reading them she says "all done"

She enjoys playing peek a boo with them
 Thanks to Grandma Case and Aunt K for sending her such a wonderful birthday present!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diaper Change?

I am in the living room facebooking and I hear E in the other room yelling "mommy diaper change." So I ask her to come to me so I can check.  Recently she asks for a lot of diaper changes and they aren't all neccessary....

Anyway she keeps yelling at me and so I finally after a few minutes get up and was greeted with this sight...

Yes, somehow, probably with help of the beanbag climbed up on to the changing table 

Notice she is holding a wipe :)

She was so proud of herself.  But couldn't get down.

Everyday is  new surprise.

Oh and potty training officially starts next monday.  The pull ups and underwear are already purchashed ;) 
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Amarillo Zoo

We went to the zoo today.  It is free on Monday's; so I thought why not?  As we were going E asked if we were going to see "Ah ah's" (monkeys); sea lions, Nemo (clown fish); Dori (blue fish...); and Lions

We ended up seeing only lions off that list...poor baby. But she also go to see tigers, turtles, kangaroos, sheep, goats, peacocks, snakes, bears, longhorns, and a few other small animals.  As we were almost done she kept asking for elephants, which they didn't have either...oh well maybe we will take a trip to the Dallas Zoo and see more soon.

On the bright side it was free and she still had lots of fun ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My baby all grown up.

Look at how big she got...We love you Princess!
(outfit is birthday gift from Grandma C.)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Elizabeth's 2nd Birthday

E is 2!(well tomorrow she will be)

She loves Elmo, so I made her an Elmo cake, thanks to Wilton

While D and I were getting ready for the party E enjoyed playing with her farm

She thought it would be cool to put the bucket on her head :) I thought it was cute

The food and decorations

Elmo Fruit Tray thanks to Pinterest

The Decorations

messy room ;)

Ashley, Kris, and Beckett Ormson came to celebrate with us  

We played with bubbles and chalk outside while waiting for the pizza 

Then we opened some presents

She got some ABC Wooden Blocks

a pretty bow ;)

Didnt catch her opening it, but the Ormsons gave her Playdough

Elmo Legos

Wanting to touch the cake

Saying okay ready to eat it now

It was a wonderful party and she loved her special day!  We also were going to go swimming, but ran into cranky babies needing naps. So that will come later.

Happy Birthday baby girl, we love you!