Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Diaper Change?

I am in the living room facebooking and I hear E in the other room yelling "mommy diaper change." So I ask her to come to me so I can check.  Recently she asks for a lot of diaper changes and they aren't all neccessary....

Anyway she keeps yelling at me and so I finally after a few minutes get up and was greeted with this sight...

Yes, somehow, probably with help of the beanbag climbed up on to the changing table 

Notice she is holding a wipe :)

She was so proud of herself.  But couldn't get down.

Everyday is  new surprise.

Oh and potty training officially starts next monday.  The pull ups and underwear are already purchashed ;) 
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  1. Good luck with that...
    BTW, your mom says she didn't know you had a blog--I'm sure she'd appreciate email updates or something if you felt inclined.