Monday, June 11, 2012

E is turning 2!

Well I am not sure where the past two years have gone...or some of my months of blogging....whoops.  Lets just say that life got busy in April and May and I don't have many pictures.  But here are some things that E has done recently:

  • Eats with fork and spoon all by herself-if you try to feed her you better have earplugs in
  • goes down for 1 two hour nap a day in her toddler bed and gets out of bed w/out crying all by herself when she wakes up
  • only ask to drink milk (very politely too) but will drink juice too if offered.  If water is offered...well good luck to you and your ears :)
  • LOVES Elmo!!!  So much that her Birthday party is Elmo themed and I made her a Elmo dress and Elmo bow.  She was so excited
  • Hates wearing dresses, she knows that we are going to church if a dress is put on her, and she screams...
  • Fortunately she loves Nursery now and will walk right in no problems
  • Playing dress up could possibly be her favorite activity other than watching Elmo.  Give the girl some shoes and jewelry and she will be dazzled up in no time
  • Reading stories.  She even reads them to herself, in babble of course
  • talking nonstop, real and nonsensical words...try taking a 13 hour trip with her up to WY and UT

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