Friday, June 22, 2012

Quiet time?

Okay so this post has two points.  Even though these pictures were all taken tonight, it could of encompassed pictures from both thoughts.

E was watching TV and snuggling with us on our bed tonight.  Around 7:30 we noticed that she wasn't in bed with us anymore and the apt was quiet.
We got up during the commercial break to find her....she was in her bed, only her diaper on, with her blanket pulled up around her.

I guess she was so tired she wanted to put herself to bed.  So we brushed her teeth, put on her pjs, and said prayers.  Then she promptly fell asleep.  Poor baby. 

Lately, when E is throwing a fit or refuses to do something, I give her the option to go to time out in her bed or do what I ask.  

She always goes to her room, shuts the door, and gets in bed.  When she is calm she comes out and hugs me and does what I ask her to.

Occasionally, when throwing a fit, before I say anything she will go straight to her room to cool down too.
I've got to say its a pretty good discipline system.  Hopefully it continues to get rid of the tantrums.

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