Thursday, January 31, 2013

Blue and Gold Banquet: Western Style

In our church, I am the Cub Committee Chair and D is the Cub master.  These are interesting callings because neither of us really know anything about scouts.  But we are learning and trying.  Just before little brother was born, we were informed that we were supposed to plan the blue and gold banquet for the January Pack meeting.  I was like "umm what?"  I was having a hard enough time trying to get normal pack meetings organized, plus trying to figure out how to recharter the pack and get ready for a new baby...but thanks to pintrest and really awesome den leaders and primary presidents we organized and put together an awesome blue and gold banquet.

We chose the "Wild West" theme for the banquet and really pulled most of ideas from here
D's parents brought a shirt, hat, chaps, and spurs for him to wear and sweet little E had a cute get up too. Although by the time I got around to taking pictures she messed up her hair and wouldn't put the hat on.

Each den put together a display and skit.  And each boy brought a cake for a contest.  Here were the cakes, they turned out amazing!

The decorations.  Thanks to our lovely primary presidents we had awesome decorations.  Each boy also made a wanted poster with a reward on it.  They turned out so cute.

For the food we had pulled pork sandwiches and chips with fruit and veggie trays.  It all turned out great and I am so grateful for the help I recieved in putting it together.  I am also grateful it is done :)
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

8 weeks

 Can you think of anything more adorable than tiny baby feet in cute little booties?

Maybe his adorable face with perfect kissy lips

One of my favorite outfits :)
His 2 month appointment isn't for a couple of weeks, but I am pretty sure he is close to 12 lbs.  At this time he loves having his back patted.  Daddy is the best at putting him to sleep on his chest.  He goes to bed around 8:30 and wakes up at 2 am, 5 am, 6 am, 8 am, and 10 am to eat.  Then during the day he will play on his play mat or sit in the bouncer or ride in the car for my errands.  He is still a easy going baby.  My blessing from above.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

More "E-isms"

"We took Mommy's car.  We can't take Daddy's car, its at work"

(to Daddy after he gets home from work, while tugging on his pants) "Take off your work Daddy!"

(after going tee-tee in the potty) "I need little candy, not big candy. Big candy for poo-poo"

"The trees blew it"

As we walked out of church on Sunday, E was proudly carrying her paper from nursery.  Naturally, it was a very windy day and the paper almost blew out of her hand.  She looked up and said "Stop it trees".  D and I looked at each other and realized she thought the the cause of the wind was the trees since that is what she sees moving. :)
On a side note, I really hate 11:00 church.  It really messes up E's nap time which is already a battle, but adding 11:00 church in the mix makes it just that much harder.  E didn't fall asleep for her nap until 4:00 and she only fell asleep because she crawled in bed with us.  
I am really tired of her fits at nap and bedtime.  I am hoping that by getting her a bigger bed with new bedding will fix the problem.  She is in and out of her room a million times and screaming bloody murder.  She doesn't go to sleep at night until after 9 even though we put her in bed at 8.  Most nights she is still screaming at 10.  Thankfully little brother sleeps through most of it. 
Right now little brother is in the bouncer and E came to play with him.  She got real close and he gave her a big smile.  I wish I had my camera at that moment...
This morning D woke me up just before he left for work he told me some old lady was trying to break into our apt.  Apparently she was trying to unlock the door with her key.  I guess she forgot where she lives.  Good thing our door was locked! 

Little brother is growing every day.  I love watching him watch the world.  I know I have said it a million times, but he is the best baby.  I went Visiting Teaching yesterday and we were there an hour.  He was content the whole time and fell asleep at the end without needing to eat.  E on the other hand...went in the back of the house to play with their 6 year old daughter.  She ended up with her clothes all wet and her pull up was blown up like a balloon.  I guess she tried to jump in the bathtub fully clothed. So when I went to check on her she was wearing the other little girls princess nightgown and on of their pull ups....she also threw a ginormous fit when it was time to go.  I guess Syndey's toys and clothes are cooler than hers :)  Looks like E has a new friend to go play with.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Taking care of "baby sister"

E loves being a big sister.  She is a good helper by getting diapers.  The other day I was nursing little brother and then let her hold him.  When she held him she asked if it was her turn to feed him.  Then today I caught her taking care of her baby doll, she calls baby sister

First she tucked her into bed.

Then she decided baby sister needed to eat

So proud of herself

Hugging her tight.

What a cutie!
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Sunday, January 27, 2013


Ethan has pretty good control of his head.  So I pulled out the bumbo.
(Almost 8 weeks old)

He wasn't sure what to think of it.

E was a little upset that he had a cool chair and she didn't.

But she was good about putting his head up when it started to fall.

And she made sure to give him good hugs and kisses

There his head is falling over, but sweets wanted a photo shoot.

So we pulled him out and let her have a turn :)  She was pretty pleased
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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lubbock Temple Trip

This weekend was Stake Temple Trip.  The stake even offered babysitting for two sessions. So we made arrangements to go Saturday morning 11:00 session.  I almost thought that we would miss it, because of trying to time little brothers feedings around it, but we made it.  

E was so excited to go to the temple.  In fact, earlier that week she said,  "Go to temple momma?"  I said "Yes we are going later this week"


It was a great session and I am grateful for the members who volunteered to watch my kids so I could go.
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Monday, January 21, 2013


E loves snuggling with Jerry.  Too bad she can't have him all the time. She was watching her current favorite movie, Brave, or as she calls it "Princess"
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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Little Brother's Blessing

Little brother was blessed today.  It was a special day.  Grandma C showed up last night with his blessing outfit, blanket, and socks.  They were so cute.  I am so grateful for her helping us out with that.  That was her baby gift for E too.  My parents, and brothers J and N showed up this weekend along with D's parents and their dog Jerry. 
Dad was able to get a few shots in before church of his sweet little outfit.

Just after the blessing. (the outside pics of the family didn't turn out).  D gave his little boy a very good blessing and sweet little boy was very good during the blessing, he slept right through it. The men in the circle were D, his dad, my dad, and Bishop Windsor.  My brother J held the microphone.

E loves when Uncle J and N come to visit and they love playing with her

We took a group picture at home.  So grateful for everyone that could come!!

Pictures after church.  Love his little tummy showing :)

E had already gone to nursery when we took this picture.

Later that night Pa and D cuddling with two sweet kids

And Mom making me a coconut cream pie.  YUMMY!

Happy blessing day little brother!
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Friday, January 18, 2013

What mornings look like

We are getting ready for my parents and D's parents to come up this weekend for little brother's blessing.  So this morning E was a little ignored as I was cleaning.  I found her like this.


Yeah she loves cookie monster

Little brother is becoming quite a fan of the floor mat.  It is such a help when he is awake and I need to do something.
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