Friday, January 11, 2013

Super Brother!

Have I mentioned the mass amounts of clothes that we were given for little brother?  My aunt, sister in law, and a friend a church gave us bags of clothes for him.  Not to mention my baby showers.  In fact he has so many clothes I am not sure if he will get to wear all of them, or wear them more than once.  Because I found out today as I tried to put this Superman onsie on, that it is already too small.  And this is the first he wore it. Sad day.  Because it comes with these cute pants and vest, which still fit. So he will wear those with other onsies I guess.

Another friend gave us this onsie.  Her daughter made it and the tie onsie he wore his first Sunday at church

I am so grateful to be blessed with so many clothes for our little guy.  We are pretty much set for the first 6 months at least.  But we all know how fast those first months are gonna fly by.  Hopefully he doesn't grow too fast!  Thanks to all those who have helped us out with clothing and other baby items!!
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