Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"The trees blew it"

As we walked out of church on Sunday, E was proudly carrying her paper from nursery.  Naturally, it was a very windy day and the paper almost blew out of her hand.  She looked up and said "Stop it trees".  D and I looked at each other and realized she thought the the cause of the wind was the trees since that is what she sees moving. :)
On a side note, I really hate 11:00 church.  It really messes up E's nap time which is already a battle, but adding 11:00 church in the mix makes it just that much harder.  E didn't fall asleep for her nap until 4:00 and she only fell asleep because she crawled in bed with us.  
I am really tired of her fits at nap and bedtime.  I am hoping that by getting her a bigger bed with new bedding will fix the problem.  She is in and out of her room a million times and screaming bloody murder.  She doesn't go to sleep at night until after 9 even though we put her in bed at 8.  Most nights she is still screaming at 10.  Thankfully little brother sleeps through most of it. 
Right now little brother is in the bouncer and E came to play with him.  She got real close and he gave her a big smile.  I wish I had my camera at that moment...
This morning D woke me up just before he left for work he told me some old lady was trying to break into our apt.  Apparently she was trying to unlock the door with her key.  I guess she forgot where she lives.  Good thing our door was locked! 

Little brother is growing every day.  I love watching him watch the world.  I know I have said it a million times, but he is the best baby.  I went Visiting Teaching yesterday and we were there an hour.  He was content the whole time and fell asleep at the end without needing to eat.  E on the other hand...went in the back of the house to play with their 6 year old daughter.  She ended up with her clothes all wet and her pull up was blown up like a balloon.  I guess she tried to jump in the bathtub fully clothed. So when I went to check on her she was wearing the other little girls princess nightgown and on of their pull ups....she also threw a ginormous fit when it was time to go.  I guess Syndey's toys and clothes are cooler than hers :)  Looks like E has a new friend to go play with.


  1. I know you aren't asking for advice, but have you tried moving E's bedtime earlier? It's counterintuitive, but if kids are overtired they get wired and won't sleep. Maybe try 7:00 for a week? Regardless, I hope she gets over it soon--that is no fun at all.

  2. I have thought about it, but moving it to 7 would make it really hard on us, we go to the gym twice a week and dont get home from there till almost 8. But I guess I could start going during the day and let D go at night by himself after she is in bed. I know she is over tired though. I think most of it stems from E being jealous of little E in our bedroom. But I can't work on him sleeping through the night until she isn't crying for 2 hours keeping him up.