Sunday, May 5, 2013

5 months

My baby is growing way too fast.  In fact, I think he is growing a bit faster than E1 did. Despite that, we enjoy every single day we have with him.  He truely does light up our home.
He is an expert on a few things. 
This month we have introduced him to sweet potatoes, squash, and bananas.  MMM.  He loves some baby food.  He will sit right there in your lap or a chair and gobble the food down.  It was pretty useful on our car trip down to Beaumont for Daddys graduation too.
He can scoot backwards on his back and roll to his tummy (okay he has been doing this for a little while now)

He LOVES his jumperoo.  He loves it so much he poops out his pants almost everytime he is in it, causing us to call it a "Pooperoo"

He likes swatting and grabbing at toys on his floor mat, but then he rolls over and starts grabbing all the hair on the ground and eating it!! yuck!!

He gets distracted while nursing if I have my phone or kindle out.  If I dont give him 100% attention he will swat at my phone or my face, whichever is easier for him.  Its so cute.

He takes about two naps a day, morning and afternoon. Sometimes he gets an early evening nap too.

He wakes up somewhere between 2-4 to eat and then sleeps the rest of the night.

He weighs 17.5 lbs and is 26.5 in tall
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Friday, May 3, 2013

Big Sister

Sometimes in the rush of things, big sister doesn't reach all the highlights and glories that she used too.

She is growing up to be such a beautiful little girl.  I love being able to do her hair.  Pigtail braids are new to us and take a little time and a little pain, but they look so dang cute!

She loves anything princessy, minnie mouse, or girly. 

She is about a month away from turning 3!  Crazy!

She is sleeping better now, goes to bed without crying, stays in bed all night! Wahoo! Its about time.

She loves sleeping in the same room as Ethan, I think it calms her fears.

She loves  her daddy time.  As soon as daddy gets home from work she says, "Take of your work daddy" Meaning take of your work clothes. She loves when she gets to ride in his car.  (ugh why she would like that car is beyond me, teal green '95 mustang)

Almost every weekend the two of them go to Palo Duro, or "the mountains" as she calls it.

She loves to take care of baby brother.  She also plays "mama" with her baby dolls, by nursing (under her shirt), changing diapers, singing, and rocking them.  It is adorable.  I just love what a big girl she is!