Wednesday, June 5, 2013

6 months

Little brother is 6 months old.  And as handsome as ever.  His Dr appt isnt for another two weeks, but here are some of his amazing pictures :)

He loves playing with toys

And rolling onto his tummy the minute you set him on the floor

And even though I can't center a camera on the best picture I took of him today, he has the cutest smile

He is my little boy, and I love him

He is still a very happy boy, unless he is tired or hungry of course

He had a hard time taking pictures and not getting to play with the blocks :( poor thing

I seriously can not believe that it has been 6 months with this little dude.  But it has been an amazing 6 months.  He is a light in our home.  Big sis loves him as much as we do. Its crazy that just last year I was barely 3 months pregnant with him and now he is half a year old. 
I feel so blessed with my two wonderful children.  They are so little but have taught me so many things already.
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  1. He is so beautiful! Those big eyes just melt my heart.