Sunday, February 3, 2013

Throw up

My fabulous sister in law gave me a book recently, Healthy sleep habits, happy child by: Marc Weissbluth 

I have been reading from it, most of which we were already doing.  But then this morning I read something new.  In addition to the bedtime rules with attached rewards, when she gets out of bed walk her back to bed without talking to her or looking at her face.  It also said we should keep a log of how many times she gets out of bed.  The example said this ladies daughter got out of bed 120 times between 8 and 10:30....oh jeez. I thought this would be a long night.  

So at 6:30 I started getting E ready for bed with her bath, books, milk, and brushing teeth.  Then I made sure she didn't need to go potty. (thats her latest excuse for getting out of bed "I need to go potty; yet she never says that during the day)  We remind her of her sleep rules and rewards and then say prayers and tuck her in.  (Wow that is a long bedtime routine.)

She got up about 10 minutes after putting her down, I walked her back to her room and put her down again without saying a word. She started howling at that point and I walked out.  10 minutes later she comes out again this time saying "I spit up mom"  and she sure did.  She was covered head to toe in throw up.  Yeah thats right she cried so much she threw up. Can you believe that.  

So I cleaned her up and D cleaned her bed up and we put her down again.  As I was walking out, she says "I need to go potty" Really kid, REALLY???

So very frustrated.  I tell her go quick. She goes and gets back in bed.  5 minutes later she is up again.  "I need help with my blanket."  

At this point I am so frustrated.  I put her back in bed and tucked her ONE LAST TIME.

Literally.  She did go to sleep after that.  

And that my friends is the best she went to bed in the past 2 weeks. And she was asleep before 9.  Even better.

Sweet dreams!

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  1. I am glad it's been helpful, despite the throw up. Hope things keep getting better!