Sunday, February 17, 2013

E's cute interpretation of things

E came home from church (Little brother and I stayed home) and I asked her how was church, she said, "we had to sit quiet and listen to the guys and sing and pray."
Then she went into the living room and sang "I''m sitting in my church clothes and tights" :)

E never stops talking. Today's conversation before bed:
E: I want to take of my dress.  I want Minnie Mouse
Me: okay (so I take off dress put on mouse Pjs and start to remove tights)
E: no I sleep in my church tights.
E: I need to go poo poo on Elmo potty
Me: Okay go poo poo on Elmo potty
E: (as she sits on the potty) I need to go poo poo.  Then I get big candy.  I get orange candy. After nap. (put on repeat for the duration it takes her to take care of business with these random statements put in intermittently) I want moon song.  I need my gloves on.  I want black sheep.

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