Thursday, December 27, 2012

spoiled little princess

After getting home we still had a few presents that were too big to bring in the car.  E got this huge barbie set from my parents.  She loves her princess barbies.  Her favorite thing to do with them is undress them so she can "give them a shower"  She knows all their names and which dress belongs to each one, even though she hasn't seen all their movies yet.

A view of some of her gifts

I think that of this set, Brave, is her favorite. She asks every day to watch it.  But she calls it Princess Movie.

A shot of all her gifts...a little overboard, but we sacrificed gifts to each other this year and just got E things.  Plus grandparents bought her some it :P

E loved the princess themed Christmas.  And it gives her new things to do, so she isn't so bored.  Who knows maybe a Princess themed birthday will be this year :)

That was one happy girl!!
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