Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!! 
This year Santa left a bundle of stuffed animals for the kids!!  E got Elmo, Cookie Monster, Nemo, and an Owl stuffed animals.  Along with headbands, finger puppets, and candy.  Little brother got an Elephant that sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  I think E likes the Elephant more than brother, but that will change :)  E seemed really excited with her Santa presents.

Little Brother iwth his stocking and Elephant.  Its the one of two gifts he got this year, he also got a bouncer seat from G and G Denton.  He will get more gifts next year when he is bigger.

Oops...little brother fell over in his photo shoot, but now you can see his cute little Santa bum :)  And his bink fell between his legs too.

E really loved her Christmas morning.  She had a blast this year opening up gifts. She actually took quite a while because she would play with her new toy for a while before ripping open the next one.  I just love how happy she is with all of her gifts.

Her cousins, M, A, and D got these cool motorized bikes for Christmas, and E enjoyed climbing up on them.

Daddy painted E 8 princesses and put them in a box for E to play with.  It was a special present and she loves it.  The princesses were: Merida, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, Auroa, Snow White, Tiana, and Rapunzel

Grandpa got good cuddles in with little brother while everyone was opening presents

This year must of been a princess year for our little princess :)  She got a Little People Princess Castle.  It was just right for her to put her new princesses that daddy made onto.  She was the most excited with this one.

She couldn't wait to start playing with it, even before daddy assembled it.

Litte miss loves her movies, and one movie she asks to watch alot of is Despicable Me.   So when I found a friend who made this hat, I just had to get it for her.  She wore it around all day Christmas.

The Joe Cahill Family

E enjoyed all the desserts and candy around on Christmas.  Everytime I turned a corner she was eating someones candy or pie...but I let her because it was Christmas.  Here is Aunt R feeding her some pie.

Family photo shoot

Just the brothers, in their typical style

We had a great Christmas, full of fun and joy.  Thank you to all those who helped make this day a special day.  Merry Christmas!
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