Thursday, December 27, 2012

2nd snow

It snowed a lot on Christmas day.  And after our long trip back we didn't make it outside to play in it until today.  But E was super excited to go play in the snow again.  She was really excited to wear her new "picable me" hat.  (note the bandaide on her has been over a month and she won't stop picking at that sore by her mouth and hence it won't go away.)

There was even more snow this time than at the beginning of the month.  But still not quite enough for a snowman.  Plus I was holding a sleeping 2 week old baby...couldn't really help sweets build a snowman.

But that didn't stop little E from scooping up snow

making a ball

and throwing it.

This little one really likes the snow.  Maybe if it snows again we will get her real snow gloves so her hands don't get wet and freeze :)
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