Tuesday, September 4, 2012


E has nightmares.  She has for some time now.  Not sure if I mentioned this before. But its gotten worse.

Friday night she woke up screaming at midnight.  Normally we give her a cup of water, a kiss, and say night night, and she goes back to sleep.  However, when D walked in to do that, he said she looked so scared he couldn't leave her in there.  So he brought her to bed with us.  When she laid down next to me, she was still screaming.  So I cuddled her close and sang to her until she fell asleep.  That was a restless night. She likes to push me off the bed.  Several times I got kicked in the head.  Finally at 5:30 am I picked her up and tried to put her back in her bed.  She woke up screaming bloody murder and wouldn't go back in the bed. So I passed her to D and set up camp on our couch.  

When it came time for naptime Saturday I was afraid we would have issues.  Nope. She went down without problems and slept for 3.5 hours. And then we had to wake her up.  

Saturday night she slept fine. Sunday night she had a few times she cried, but she stayed in her bed till 6.  Then last night, Monday, she woke up at 1:30 am.  I brought her water, turned her nightlight stars on again. But she was still crying./ So I sang to her while she was in her bed.  Then she got quiet.  I started to leave and she said "Hevnly Father?" It was so cute.  So I went back to her bedside and prayed that she would be comforted and be able to sleep.

  It is a truly humbling experience when your 2 year old reminds you that when you're scared we can pray for help. I love how she knows in her time of need who to turn to.  I can only hope that she can continue to be surrounded by such influences that she will continue to pray and ask to pray when she is in need.  I am grateful every day for my little girl and my little boy who will soon be here.  I know that I am far from being perfect, but I try every day to be the best mom.  I am grateful for a husband who stands by my side and helps me raise our kid(s). 

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  1. Our 3 year old foster daughter used to have night terrors. Oh mercy they were scary but she'd settle down fast. Good luck. That is pretty awesome that she knew who to ask for help. I always thought it was lame when my parents would tell me to pray after nightmares but to this day its what I do. That and mentally sing hymns before I go to sleep so my mind is clear and I don't dream of weird stuff.