Monday, September 24, 2012

Tri State Fair

This weekend was also the Tri State Fair

E was so excited to go to the petting zoo.  She even found courage to pet a few of the animals.

Although anything bigger than a baby goat she was content just to look at it.

She LOVED the baby goats and kept hugging them. Maybe they reminded her of small dogs :)

We tried to get her to pet the camel.... It didn't work out so well


We let her ride the Ferris Wheel and she had a blast.  I have never seen her smile and giggle so much.
Daddy and I had a pretty good time too.
We had enough money for Daddy and E to go on one more ride and E picked this one.   I don't know the name of it but it spun in fast circles.  If I had known how fast it went I probably would of redirected her, but she love it too.
Here she is showing me how much fun she is having!
It was a great day at the fair!

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