Thursday, September 6, 2012

E isms

E loves to read books.  I mean seriously read books.   

She reads all day long. While she reads she asks me, "Momma, whats this?" for every little picture she doesn't know.

She even can read certain favorite books to herself, like, Brown bear Brown bear what do you see?  It is really cute.

When I do her hair in the morning, she has to pick out her own bow.  If I give her the wrong one she flips out.  This morning she was wearing a pink shirt.  But had to have a black bow.  :)

She knows her ABC's and can count to 10.  Recently she has been learning her shapes.  She knows names but doesn't correlate them correctly all the time.  

She pretty much has her colors 90% down.  When we drive in the car she points out all the other vehicles and tells me what color they are.

We live in a place that is flat as a pancake and has virtually no trees.  E gets excited over a tree and a hill.

Her favorite movies are Hercules, Finding Nemo, Elmo, and recently Despicable Me.  She randomly starts singing and then tells me it was a "Hercules Song"

She loves playing apps on my ipod and kindle.  She thinks they are hers. Right now she is reading books and listening to music on the ipod app.

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