Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pikes Peak

To celebrate our 5 year anniversary, David brought E and I up to Colorado Springs.  We did many things, and I will split them up into seperate blogs.  First, we went to Pikes Peak.  We were going to drive, but realized after paying admission on the toll road up and gas, not to mention the wear on my tires and brakes...we decided it was not much more money to take the Cog Train.  Besides E loves trains.
It took an hour and half to get up.  We were squashed in a tiny row and had two large people sitting across from us.  E kept getting out of our laps and wanting to walk around.  I felt bad for the couple across from us, but couldn't do anything about it.  The worst part was being 5 months pregnant.  We were supposed to drink a lot of water, but then there were no bathrooms on the train.  You try drinking a lot, while having a baby on your bladder, and not being able to pee for 1.5 hours....  It wasn't too bad I guess.  The view was amazing. But we couldn't take pictures going up because we were trying to juggle E and keep her from running in the aisle.

Finally we made it to the top.  But imagine if you can, E only wanted to run around and not be held.  So she is really squirmy in these pictures. It was also really smoggy from recent fires in CO.  Kinda ruined our view but it was still really cool.  I think the peak was 14,110 feet high.

When I brought E over to the edge to look out across the view, she simply said "Oh wow, Mountains"
She loved commenting on all the mountains and trees...guess what, in Amarillo, it is flat and almost treeless too.  It was a novelty to her.

We grabbed a few donuts and a hot chocolate up there.  E ate most of the donuts. And we let her to keep her quiet.  I know say what you must, but sometimes it is better to have a happy kid than a whiney one.
E loved being near the train and on it. She just expected more freedom on it, I think

And finally, today was the day of the annual race up the mountain. 13 miles. 14,000 or so runners. 1st prize went to a guy who has won it for 8 years now.  His time this year was just over 2 hours....all I can say is wow!  I couldn't run 13 miles on flat or even down hill in 2 hours.  D says next year we are going to hike it.  So I guess training will commence soon. Because I am so not in shape for that now.

It was an awesome trip up and down.  Very beautiful!
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