Tuesday, August 28, 2012

E's 1st quiet book

So I got a sewing machine for Christmas.  And just after New Years I found this cool pattern off of Etsy.  This lady has tons of quiet book and other crafty patterns and so I bought a few.  The first one I attempted was the number book.  It took me 8 months. 
If you are a begginer sewer, like me. Don't attempt.. haha
No I mean it took a lot more work than I anticipated. 
And when I was working I had no time to do anything, because by the time I got E into bed, I was too tired to cut out and sew tiny things.

So it isn't perfect and if you look close my stitching is horrible.  But E loves it!

When she opened it up, she said "Oh pretty"

That pretty much gave me the encouragement I needed to start making book number two,
Halloween quiet book. 

Of course that one is 17 pages, this one was 12...so it might be ready by Halloween 2013 ;)

Regardless the time and effort, I loved working on my sewing skills, and love watching E read it.  She is my little sweet heart and I will make as many quiet books as she will read.  It will just be a slow work in progress
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