Saturday, August 18, 2012

Garden of the Gods

After Pikes Peak, we went back to the Hotel and let E sleep.  When she woke up we went swimming, ate dinner, and went to visit Garden of the Gods.  It was so pretty there. We didn't bring bikes with us, so we opted for the hiking trail that was stroller friendly.

E seemed to be a little bored.  I guess she got tired of Mom always running off to the bathroom. :)

D thought it would be funny to catch me coming out of the bathroom.  I am 23 weeks pregnant here.

All over the park we saw many rock climbers and their fancy gear.  It was crazy, but D said he wanted to do it.  I can barely make it up a rock wall that you pay for let alone a natural wall with no added foot and hand ledges.

Just meandering through the pretty rocks and trees

Our cute little family 

D loved climbing all the rocks and E, of course had to go with him. 

Showing off his height

E is contemplating climbing the rock by herself. She really loved it out there. 

Trying to not fall  

There she goes, she couldn't resist 

Following Dad into a crevice 

Getting more help to get on a rock 

Swinging to the the next rock, she was giggling like crazy, wish I had the video camera

A small college of all the rocks we saw
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  1. these are great pics!!! you guys are such a cute family!! love it!!