Thursday, June 16, 2011


Here is my memorial for my late dog, Tobyssss Cahill. (Somewhere through the months, he changed from Toby to Tobyssss) He was loved and will be missed by us all. RIP Tobyssss.

I have always loved small dogs. In fact, it all started when my best friend got a small itty bitty dog when we were 7. The dog was a small white fluffy thing, and her name was Molly. I fell in love with her. She was so precious in comparison to my big lab, Caleb. But alas, my mother was against having a dog all together and my father was against house dogs. So I watched and loved others cute small dogs. Then I grew up and I found a new love, Dalmatians. But by that point it was hopeless to get a dog in my family. My mother had put the skids to that. So I grew up some more.

I went to college, got married, got a job, and decided to have a baby. I was 7 months pregnant and so were all my friends. Literally. I started to get really anxious for my baby and started looking into dogs again. It seemed like everyone I knew had a dog and a baby, so why couldn't I. Only now I knew I was unfortunately allergic to many species including Chiwawa's. Which happened to be David's favorite dog. So I researched out the cute cuddly small dogs that are hypo-allergenic. Yorkies were top on the list. And they just happened to be incredibly cute! So I looked for one, they were all around 800 big ones to buy! I was incredulous, who has that kind of money for a dog???? I was devastated, and for a 7 month pregnant lady that was the understatement. I started plotting how to get this expensive dogs into my ownership...I drove David crazy.

2 weeks into my search, David was talking to his mom and she had a friend who worked in the Limestone County Animal Rescue Center. She said she would keep a lookout for Yorkie, but they don't come by too often, they are just too cute. Well I guess someone was really looking out for me because later that night she called and said a Yorkie was coming in the very next day and we had to tell her right then and there if we wanted it. I was shocked. I mean all of a sudden my dream was becoming a reality and I didn't know what to do. I didn't even know what this dog looked like! So, of course, I hastily said YES! We want him!

2 weeks after that, Easter weekend, April 1st we drove up to Groesbeck and met our little Toby. He was 4 years old and as adorable as could be. I loved him!

Some things Toby liked:
1. Long walks, he could never just pee on one tree, he had to mark every single dang tree and bush for as long as we walked
2. Dog treats; bacon and chicken strips were his favorite
3. Puking on our floor, (thank goodness they were tile!) once he even managed to bring back up half a ham...don't want to know where he found it!
4. Being pet on the head, if you weren't petting him enough, he let you know

I cuddled him and petted him all the time. He even snuggled with me on the bed! Well for a month. But then reality set in. I am having a baby. I don't want Toby around a newborn baby. I know he doesn't shed and he is hypo-allergenic...but she will be so little and her immune system so weak. So Toby got rules.
1. No bed
2. Eat in Bathroom only
3. Stay away from baby

Needless to say he had it kind of rough for E's first few months. Constantly being ignored and kicked to the floor. But he did learn not to get on bed when I was around. (He still did jump on with David if he thought I wasn’t looking)

But then E started to get bigger and by the time she could crawl, 6 months, she had a real interest in Toby. She loved him. He didn't like her mobility very much though. She would crawl over to him and pull his hair, especially his whiskers. She would smack down on him. We kept teaching her how to be soft, but she hadn't quite grasped it yet.

Then a month ago, E started to walk and crawl up on the couch and into his cage...poor toby'ssss lost all his privacy. E's favorite activity was to chase him down and "eat" him. She put his paw in her mouth once. I think she was giving him kisses. She also would whine to be picked up if she saw him in your lap. So we would pick her up and then he would run off, so she would beg to be put back down. She truly loved that dog. She was always watching him.

Toby was a well trained dog. He loved us and we loved him. However, as with all stories, it must come to an end. Tragedy struck on Wednesday June 15, 2011. Toby went out to take care of business and didn't even leave the yard before 2 big dogs came and attacked him. D rushed out to see what was going on and found poor Toby just laying there dead. He petted him a few last times and buried him in our yard with his favorite blanket.

Toby you were a great dog and I bawled when I heard what happened. I know you were loved. I am grateful for the chance we had to bond and be together. E, D and I will miss you greatly! May you Rest in peace and may we meet again.


  1. How dare you say Caleb wasn't precious... I will miss Toby. He was a good dog even with his little underbite.

  2. Caleb was a good dog but not cuddly precious. Sorry jay. I liked Toby ssss underbite too. It made him unique