Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

This is D's second Fathers Day. Last year E was 3 days old on Fathers Day and because of that I didn't get him anything else for Fathers Day. I completely forgot about it until the day hit. But he said it was okay because he got an ol' baby for Father's Day.

Recently he has been going to the library and checking out John Steinbeck books like crazy so I bought him like 6-7 books to start a Steinbeck collection. Even though I never did like Grapes of Wrath...

We went to Groesbeck this weekend to celebrate E's birthday and Father's day. E was horrible at night. She doesn't sleep well in the pack in play unless we have a comforter in there. And she has to be in a seperate room. So she was crying a lot. And everytime D went to get her; he would cuddle with her and get her back to sleep then put her back in her playpen. Neither of us got sleep, but I never had to get out of bed for once. It was nice. He is such a good husband and Daddy.

I am so glad that E is part of our lives and love learning how to be a good mother to her. I am also very thankful to have such a good husband who loves his daughter and shows her every minute how much he loves her.

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