Tuesday, June 14, 2011


This afternoon all the kids were asleep but E. I was cleaning the kitchen and she was just walking around. Next thing I knew she was hitting the back door. So I went to get her shoes. As soon as she saw her shoes she sat down and grinned as I put them on.

After a little while maybe 15 minutes, she walked over to the door again to let me know she was ready to go back inside.

E was eating dinner tonight. Crackers and Ravioli, yumm. She was eating and had a sippy cup with water. All was going well until she started her loud screeching. I looked at her and she held her hand out to me palm up and squeezed her fingers open and closed in and out of a fist. I was wondering what she was doing when she rotated her hand 90 degrees, while still squeezing. Okay ASL people what is that sign? MILK! Yes my baby signed that she wanted MILK!!!!

Score 1 for E! I was so proud of her. I ran to get her bottle of milk and she drank happy.

When she screamed again I ran through her signs that we have been working on; milk, water, food, and when I signed more, she clapped her hands. I wasn't sure, so I did it one more time and she clapped again, so I gave her more. It was so neat to communicate with my baby who I guess isn't quite a baby anymore.

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