Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Neck Pain

Now that I am not in as much pain I can blog about this. Thursday I woke up with mild pain in my neck. I couldn't turn my neck right without too much pain. So I bought a contour pillow and a heat pad. All was going well till 5:30 am and I jerked my head spontaneously. I felt paralyzed any movement my body made searing, horrible pain. It was one of those moments I wanted to have my husband to help me. It took me half an hour to get the courage to get out of bed. It was horrible.

Needless to say I was talked into working the day, despite not being able to move or lift anything. I mean seriously how am I supposed to watch four kids, one of which has to be carried? Okay well she can walk, but I still have to pick her up into crib, diaper changing stations, and high chair....

Blessing of the Day: D had E for the day. He was supposed to take her to her one year appt, which was cancelled 30 min before...grr...

Oh anyway I was all doped up on Ibuprofen and heat packs. I finally got back to the minor "just can't turn right" pain.

It was time to go home now. And somehow I made the long 2 hour drive all the way through Houston to Beaumont without killing someone hiding in my blind spot that I couldn't see.

Skip forward to Tuesday night. Yes it has been 6 days since the pain began. Is it gone? No.

When will the pain go away????

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