Thursday, March 14, 2013

First Haircut

My sweet little E keeps getting her hair in her face. Which means, that when she gets irritated by it she sweeps it off her face with her hands, which are almost always grubby like a normal 2 year old.
Plus when she has a snotty nose, she gets snot in her hair.
So with these two things combined D and I decided to get her hair cut.

I know I almost cried. My little baby was not old enough to cut her hair.
I procrastinated making the call two weeks, but finally called my friend to cut her hair. Or rather cut her bangs.

Just before the hair cut

Look at those pretty curls.

Checking out her new cape

Making the first cuts.  She did so good and sat still.

We decided to barely trim the ends of the hair too.

And introducing....

The New Bangs

I love how it looks.  She is so big now

Thanks Laura!!
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