Thursday, October 18, 2012

It's my do it!

E has a few phrases that make me crack up.  Because she is so independent, her most common one is
"IT'S MY DO IT!" Or "IT'S E....'S DO IT"

This is normally said when needing to get in the car, put on her shoes, get a diaper from the bathroom...But the other day she was listening to her children's primary songs on the ipod and singing with it.  So I joined in.  Next thing I know she says, "NO, MY DO IT." 

Funny how she won't take a bath by herself though, I wish that was "HER DO IT"... E is afraid of the bathtub after finding a black piece of fuzz in it one day about a month ago.  Now she thinks she needs to shower with mom or dad.  And since mom is 32 weeks pregnant, it is normally dad.  If you try to give her a bath she will scream...................................

Today we went to the park with some new friends that moved into our apartment complex.  E had a blast and we got home around 2, so I changed her diaper and read her books and put her to bed.  I watched her on the monitor play around with her stuffed animals.  Around 3  she was still awake and playing.  I went to sleep.  Around 3:30 she got out of bed and said "I slept good" and then told me she pooped. 

I told her "You didn't sleep at all. I am going to change your diaper and then you are going back to bed. "

She finally fell asleep around 4 and is still sleeping (5:30).  I guess I need to wake her up soon. 

She likes to point out all the triangles (yield signs) and octagons (stop signs) while we are driving.  I am impressed she knows her shapes mostly already.  She also points out all the horses, ducks, helicopters, ambulances, fire trucks, ect while we drive.  It is entertaining.

She can recognize in print the letters A, B, C,D,E, M,O, P, S, T
She knows all her colors
She can count to 10

Her favorite books are:
Stop Thief
Stop Thief!

Chloe, Instead
Chloe, Instead

Brown Bear Brown Bear what do you see?
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? My First Reader

Toot and Pop (Pop Pop) by Sebastian Braun

If you ask her what song she wants to sing her playlist is as follows
Jesus wants me for a sunbeam
I am a child of God
Hush little baby
Rock a bye baby
Twinkle little star
Heavenly Father are you really there?
Eensty weensty Spider
Pat a cake

She really enjoys pat a cake when she is holding her baby doll or tinkerbell so the doll can do the actions.

Thats about it for today.  I will probably think of other updates soon.

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