Monday, August 8, 2011


Church over the past few months have become brutal for E. First her morning nap happens between 9 and 10 every morning. That is right smack dab in the middle of Sacrament. More precisely during the Sacrament. So D fights with her while I help interpret for Dawn.

Then during Sunday School I take E to the mothers lounge and rock her and hold her tight until she falls asleep (unless another baby is asleep or nursing in there, I don't want to wake them up) Because she literally fights me screaming and twisting up until at least 10:45. Just in time for the bells to ring for class changes.

So then I cover her face and go to RS, not wanting to miss all my meetings, and to help interpret for Dawn again. So E wakes up and I pass her off to D in Priesthood. Making her nap last a total of 15 minutes.

After church we go home and she gets lunch and a proper nap. I thought it would be fun to take a walk at the park. So we go, despite the 100 degree weather.

When we get home I was going to make cookies. But when I went to turn the oven on, I realized we had no power. And it is still 100 degrees outside.

Our neighbor said the power would turn back on at 10 pm. It was 5 pm. And already 83 inside the house. E is sweating like a dog. So I told D, we are going to see if the mall has power, and we left again.

We arrive at the mall and discover that apparently only Books a million is open. The rest of the mall closed for the day. I guess if we went to the mall more often on a Sunday then I would of known it closes early on Sundays....

We met up with D's brother and sis in law and went out to eat with them. E decided she would crawl up on the booth and then the table and walk around like she was the Queen of the world. It scared me to death.

We finally went home at 8:20 and the power was back on.

Who in their right mind decides to do rolling blackouts in the middle of a Texas Summer???

Oh and then E woke up at one screaming horribly. I went to go give her her bink again. I noticed the "glow in the dark stars" on her ceiling that require light to shine, were shining. I was so afraid there was someone in the house. D got out of bed with me check the house and found nothing. Then he set up the pack in play in our room and brought E in for the night. I still had nightmares.

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