Thursday, August 18, 2011

4 years

4 years ago I married my best friend. It was the best day ever. I didn't have a blog then. So I will tell our story now. D and I started dating in May 2006 after running into each other at the grand Morris Center. Despite my sudden decision a month later to live and work in Vegas for the summer we continued to date long distance. Then towards the end of the summer D's car broke down and he had to fly to Texas to pick up a car from his parents house. I decided I wanted to go down see my family for a few days and then drive back up to UT with D and his brother. We had been dating 3 and 1/2 months. Everyone said by the end of drive, we would be engaged or broken up. We were neither.

However as the fall semester started up we continued dating. In September we went to football games and enjoyed being around each other again. In October, I started to get scared. I had never dated anyone for longer than 3 months. D and I had reached 5 months and I was still completely content with our relationship. I was so scared by this that I even pulled out the mission card, just wanted to see what he thought about me going on a mission. He told me he would not wait around for me.

Then November came. Thanksgiving. D went to visit his brother in Colorado and my dad suprised me with a plane ticket home. The first time I got to be at home for Thanksgiving since leaving for college. I spent the whole time missing D. I couldn't get back to Provo fast enough.

Following Thanksgiving were finals, which as you know is a time when you don't have a lot of time to spend with anyone. Lame. I didn't want to be away from D for Christmas break. It was only going to be one week, I know... but Thanksgiving was fresh in my memory still. But our relationship wasn't at a point to visit each other over Christmas, so I went to Orange and D went to G-town and we talked everyday on the phone. That is when I knew that I never wanted to spend another holiday without him. I tried to get him to say the "L" word over the phone. He said, "I lion you." I said "HUH??????????"

January, going on 9 months of dating. We were in love, but hadn't told each other. We were watching my roomates copy of Cinderella. He wanted to watch the scene with Gus Gus's shirt rolling up over and over. Finally after the millionth time, I got an idea. I told him that Cinderella was being held hostage. Until he could fix the "Lion" statement.


It had been a month since Christmas and I was still hearing "I lion you." Needless to say he got to see Gus Gus and "catcat" soon after that.

For Valentines, I got him the Cinderella movie, so he could watch it all he wanted. I also got him his own Gus Gus and Jacque mice stuffed animals, they were cute. We still have them somewhere.

March, April, May....not much to say. We were still very happy and talking about marriage. We went ring shopping and found the perfect ring. Then I started working at Dillards. D was supposed to pick me up one evening in May. When he didn't show up, I called him. He didn't answer. So I called his brother, he told me D was down by FYE or something. So I go over there and see D in the ring store....buying my ring! Whoops! He told me it was for his other girlfriend. I told him he has to work really hard to surprise me now that I knew he had the ring.

So I sit around waiting. And waiting.

On June 23, 2007 we were eating at my favorite resturant, Brick Oven. During the conversation, his mom calls and asks if he was going to propose. All I heard was his side which went something like this, "I haven't asked her dad..." "I dont have it with me now" "not tonight" So my hopes were dashed. He has had that stupid ring for a MONTH! Why was he making me suffer!!!! grr I was so anxious, lol

After dinner we went for a walk in the park and he suddenly without warning dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him! I was so excited. I said yes and we went back to his house to get the ring. He had asked my dad, but really wasn't planning to ask me that night so didn't have it with him.

Well we spent the month of July planning for a wedding and got married August 18, 2007 in the Manti UT Temple. Here are a few of my favorite memories from that day. I love you D, Happy Anniversary!

We had lots of people come celebrate our joyous occasion

Our families

Our loving Parents

My bouquet

One of 700 pictures, but my favorite

Doesn't he look so happy here? I love him!

Standard under the veil kissing photo

Our wedding rings

Off to start our new life together

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