Sunday, May 1, 2011

Random updates on sweet little E

So let it be written; so let it be said, E is a biter. She bit another baby today...but what can I say if someone put their finger in my mouth, I would probably bite it too :)

E has taken two steps for me on her own...not a lot but it is a start. The night after she did that I had a dream that we were at the park and she was running away from me being sassy as ever. I woke up upset. It didn't help that she was in Beaumont with her daddy and I couldn't even hold her to make me feel better.

She got a stuffed bunny for Easter; she loves to cuddle with it and chew on it.

Her favorite food right now is probably pancakes

The past few weeks she started screeching. I think I am going to lose my hearing in my right ear. She does it when she is hungry, ran out of food in her high chair, is happy, is upset, is scared, is tired...the list can go on. Basically all the time. Any suggestions on how to stop it?

And last but not least, my baby girl is a thief when she thinks no one is looking :)


  1. haha if she keeps the screeching up, you can just get David to give you some hearing aids! (or ear plugs, whichever you prefer!)

    thanks for the know I always like reading about your cute little girl!

  2. hmm I think Ear plugs would be cheaper right now :) I know you like reading it, I am glad that someone does, I wish I had more time to should always check older posts too, sometimes like today i backtrack and fill in old stuff like St Patty's Day

  3. That's rough, Andrea! When Gabe started screeching for everything, we taught him basic sign language (please, thank you, more, hungry, drink, etc.). It helped a lot because he was able to communicate without blowing out everyone's ear drums.