Monday, May 16, 2011


E climbs on everything now.

This weekend she was climbing on and off a child sized chair. She loved it until she fell and hit her head.

Today I walked out of the living room and for just a minute, when I came back she was on the couch. I pulled her off wondering how she got up there when I saw her do it again. She pulled a couch cushion down and stepped on it then was able to get on the couch. Clever girl.

Finally at bath time tonight she kept climbing on the stool and standing up. I am not ready for this.

She seems to think that once she climbs on an object she needs to stand on it...this will be interesting. Hopefully we don't have any trips to the ER...knock on wood.

On another note...

She says momma and dadda and bababa. But only if she wants to. For instance, I asked her to say mamamama the other day and she looked me square in the eye and said "daddada".

I kid you not. Stinker.

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