Monday, May 30, 2011

Houston Zoo

We decided to take E to the Zoo, of course she slept the whole way there. She can't help but to fall asleep in the car as soon as we hit the freeway :)

What a beautiful bird!

She loved looking at all the animals. Every new animal she would point at.

We got to see the feeding time for the giraffes.

It was a really hot day and poor E was red and splotchy after 30 minutes, so we stopped in a resturant to cool off and get hydrated

I think this was at the tigers

E is a full blown walker now. She gets mad if she is held or pushed in the stroller too long. So we let her stretch her legs and have a little fun.

She loved looking at the lions.

Picking up some rocks...Probably to eat

Look at this cool plant Mom! Like I said she points at everything

The bears were more active than most the other animals, it was nice to see them moving

She really wanted that little girls sucker.

But then she saw the big brown bear

The Elephants were cool...

But E decided to take a short nap while drinking her bottle and missed them

It was a fun trip and I was glad to share it with my little girl.
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