Thursday, January 27, 2011

For my eyes only!

Somewhere down the road people decided that journals and thoughts should not be private, but public.

Instead of writing all our happenings and personal thoughts in a little book that says "PRIVATE KEEP OUT {insert your name}'s DIARY" and then hiding that book in the well known "under the matteress" so that no one can ever find it, we put it up for the world to see in a blog.

Well now some people may use the old fashioned pen and paper, but they too would be "old fashioned" people.

So due to the advancement of technology and my strong distaste of pens, I have subcom to the blogging world. Viewers beware, I am boring and lame. This is your discloser, read the rest at your own discretion. And when I ramble on and on about E and how cute she is and how much I love her, get over it. This is for her anyway.

I love you baby!

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